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Tips for Staying Motivated

I’ve recently finished an internship at a production company and so I’m currently back hunting for jobs which is proving to be quite disheartening as I’m getting no replies. It feels as though no one is really looking at my CV or reading any of my emails, so staying motivated can be quite tricky as… Continue reading Tips for Staying Motivated

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Come Date With Me #1| Little Venice + High Street Kensington

I’ve been exploring London with my boyfriend quite a lot, and every time we go out we try to do something new and so we’ve discovered plenty of new places and great spots to eat and drink too! I’ve been therefore inspired to create a series of travel posts sharing our dates with you guys… Continue reading Come Date With Me #1| Little Venice + High Street Kensington

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Why save the bees?

A vast majority of bees are disappearing. So, why the fuss? Bees are very important little creatures. They are responsible for pollinating a third of the world’s crops such as fruit and vegetables. Without them, we’ll begin to notice a massive decline in foods – honey will no longer be available. Prices of products will… Continue reading Why save the bees?