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Tips for Staying Motivated

I’ve recently finished an internship at a production company and so I’m currently back hunting for jobs which is proving to be quite disheartening as I’m getting no replies. It feels as though no one is really looking at my CV or reading any of my emails, so staying motivated can be quite tricky as… Continue reading Tips for Staying Motivated

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5 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Animals

I’m a huge animal lover, and the welfare and wellbeing of animals is something that really concerns me especially in this day and age where the population is growing and expanding and the demand for products is on the rise. The minute I see any advert or video that talks about animals and the way… Continue reading 5 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Animals

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How to Prepare for an Interview

If you follow me on Twitter you would have seen that I had nothing but interviews last week (eight to be exact…eek). Facing rejection became second nature to me, and for a moment I wondered if I was actually doing the right thing; but after getting shortlisted for one job and having a trial day in another, I… Continue reading How to Prepare for an Interview