100 Ways to Repurpose What You Already Have

Remember to Refuse, REUSE, Recycle. Recycling should be the last thing to do, if there isn’t a way to reuse it. Here are some useful ways of reusing what you already have and giving it a second purpose.

1. Upcycle an empty candle jar into a plant pot

2. Use a tea towel to wrap a gift

3. Repurpose a large oil tin to keep kitchen utensils

4. Turn junk mail and packaging into quirky cards

5. Use empty jars as drinking glasses

6. Or use jars to store spices and dry ingredients in your pantry

7. How about using them as a reusable coffee cup too

8. Use rubber bands to seal containers

9. Keep old clothes and use them as cleaning rags (cotton t-shirts are great for this!)

10. Use empty jars to store leftovers – you can even put them in the freezer

11. Or to store your melted conditioner bars

12. Use a pillow case to store bread

13. Turn flowers and leaves into biodegradable confetti

14. Make little sachets or envelopes out of funky toilet paper wrapping or newspaper

15. Use the blank pieces of scrap paper from junk mail or letters and make your own notepad

16. Store your soaps in a plastic mesh produce bag in the shower

17. Give your pet your old blankets for their bedding

18. DIY tote bags, reusable makeup remover pads etc, out of old clothes

19. Keep warm using odd socks as a heating pads in winter (you can fill them with fruit pits and rice)

20. Use old socks to wipe furniture or use as a mop

21. Make a hair tie out of a sock (I actually made one of these and love it – I use it all the time)

22. Reuse clean takeaway containers to sort out odd bits and bobs in drawers

23. Make a funky keyring out of a plastic container

24. Upcycle old bins into plant pots

25. Turn a tea cup into a plant pot

26. Use toilet tubes as packaging material – no need for bubble wrap!

27. Turn odd socks into Christmas crackers (you can use toilet tubes for this too)

28. Make a plant box out of pallets

29. Make a coffee table out of pallets

30. Propagate seeds using empty tins or tetra pak milk bottles buy cutting them in half

31. Turn an empty milk or juice jug into a watering can

32. Turn the back of a notepad into postcards or a board

33. Dry herbs in your car on a hot day!

34. Turn a plastic bottle into a funnel

35. Keep your travel sewing kit in an old sunglasses case

36. Reuse boxes and wrapping paper to wrap gifts

37. Save the ends of soap and candles and melt them again to make new ones

38. Make your own diffuser using a spoon

39. Turn an old book into bunting or Christmas decorations

40. Reuse a wine bottle as a rolling pin

41. Keep a jar in your bathroom to compost small things (i.e. hair, nail clippings, toilet paper)

42. Use unavoidable plastic bags as a wet bag when travelling

43. Or to separate your shoes from your clean clothes

44. Use an old plastic spray bottle to store your DIY all-purpose cleaner

45. Reuse frozen berries ziplock bags to store food in the freezer (or any used packaging)

46. Scrunch up odd bits of aluminium foil and turn them into a scourer (don’t use on non-stick pans!)

47. Use newspaper to clean glass countertops and windows

48. Repurpose a wooden ladder as a shelf to store books

49. Turn an old tennis racket into a mirror

50. DIY a serving tray out of an unwanted photo frame

51. Stuff a toilet tube with fur from your pets brushing for birds to use as nesting material

52. Make a bird house or bug hotel out of pallets

53. Make a Christmas wreath out of foliage in your garden

54. Turn champagne and wine corks into a shoe holder

55. Turn small toys into door handles

56. Keep an old toothbrush to clean hard to reach areas

57. Use champagne or wine corks to make a phone or iPad stand

58. Use old toothbrushes to make a soap dish

59. Turn milk jugs into gardening tools

60. Turn an old pillowcase into a nut bag / cheese cloth (my mum made me one of these, and I use it to make labneh)

61. Make a coat rack using old pipes or fittings

62. DIY an old plastic bottle into a bird feeder

63. Empty the silica packet (those that come inside shoe boxes) into a jar and keep your razors inside it to keep them from rusting

64. Dye your clothes using avocado / onion peels (red onion and vinegar makes a green dye!)

65. Add a copper penny to your flower vase and they will last longer, you can also add some spent coffee grounds

66. Pour some beer over naked grass spots to make it green again

67. Use a frame to keep foldable board games; play using the frame and store the game pieces at the back of the frame

68. Make a board out of corks

69. Or a cork matt!

70. Turn a plastic bottle into a fly trap

71. Use wine bottles as candle holders

72. DIY an old towel into a bib or use it when cutting your hair

73. Use a tennis ball into a back massage roller

74. Cover food with a plate instead of clingfilm

75. Use the last bit of a flat coke drink to clean your kettle

76. Make a laundry basket using plastic bottle caps!

77. Place your phone inside a glass or a mug to amplify the volume

78. Use ingredients in your pantry for a DIY facemask

79. Use unavoidable plastic bags to pick up your dog’s poo

80. Turn an old cabinet into a community shelf or community library

81. Turn an old cabinet into a chicken coop or a house for your pet rabbit / guinea pig.

82. Use any bits of old timber as firewood

83. Cut up an old yoga matt into non-stick matts

84. Keep your empty Moccona coffee jars to store homemade biscuits or nuts

85. Turn a tea cup plate into a soap dish

86. Turn a picture frame into a jewellery holder

87. Use any packaging boxes from online shopping for storage

88. Make a birthbath using old / broken plates

89. Turn broken jewellery into new pieces

90. Or use them to decorate your gift wrapping

91. Make magnets out of broken jewellery

92. Make a bird feeder using a broken tea cup

93. Build a fire pit using an old washing machine drum

94. Turn old woollen jumpers into mittens or hot water bottle covers

95. Use old silverware and jewellery to make wind chimes

96. Turn an old yoga matt into a bulletin board

97. Create a surf rack using old pallets

98. Use any old maps as wrapping paper

99. Or to line drawers

100. Make Christmas stockings using an old duvet

Let me know any other ideas below!


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