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Come Date With Me #1| Little Venice + High Street Kensington

I’ve been exploring London with my boyfriend quite a lot, and every time we go out we try to do something new and so we’ve discovered plenty of new places and great spots to eat and drink too! I’ve been therefore inspired to create a series of travel posts sharing our dates with you guys and hopefully give you ideas of things to do in this great city. You can plan a date like ours, or simply go out and explore these places on your own or with friends and family.

This is the first post in the series, so enjoy!


We met at Baker Street station with the intention of going to Madame Tussaud’s, but once realising that it would take 2 1/2 hours to buy our tickets we decided against it. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is just a few feet away from there, so we went to try that instead. With the queue being a lot shorter, we stuck to it and got to take a peek inside number 22 Baker Street.

Tip: If it’s two or more of you visiting this place, best thing to do is have 1 of you go and buy tickets while the other waits in the queue to get inside. Save time!




Admission costs £15 per adult and for what it actually is, I don’t think it was worth it. The house is stunning; everything inside is authentic to the Victorian era but not being a complete Sherlock Holmes fan, I feel I may not have appreciated the little artefacts and details inside to the extent needed. But at least the place has now been ticked off the list.

After the visit, we thought we’d walk to Little Venice because it didn’t seem too far away (around 40 mins walk) and because we just like walking. If you’re not willing to walk the distance though, you can get on the Bakerloo line from Baker Street station and get off at Warwick Avenue. But by walking there, we stumbled upon a cute little bookshop on Bell Street which was too cute to handle.


Look how happy I look.

Once we got close to the canal, we thought we’d continue walking alongside it. We went past Paddington station – where you can go inside to take a look at the Paddington bear statue which is adorable – and walked past a few restaurants and plenty of canal boats, one of which was on sale and made me want to buy it simply because I want to live in one so bad! I just have to rob a bank to get the money, I guess – simples.

We were given free 7Ups here, but apparently they’re really bad for you so I threw mine away – ha.



Little Venice is a lovely and hidden away piece of paradise. It is a great spot to come and unwind, have a stroll and get away from the busy buzz of the city. Choose a quiet spot, perhaps by that iconic blue bridge and enjoy the sight of boats passing by.



After walking around here for a bit taking in the tranquil setting, our stomachs began to growl and we became quite hungry. Heading towards somewhere for food, was our next destination.

So we decided to go to High Street Kensington; and you guessed it – we walked there. We walked towards Bayswater – you can walk through the park opposite Queensway station to head towards the High Street, which is a lovelier view to walk by. Hyde Park is connected to this park and so Kensington Palace is not far from where we were heading and made it a landmark worth stopping for and admiring from outside.

High Street Kensington is full of shops to get lost in, but we were more keen in something to drink than something to wear. Finding a cool bar around here was slightly tricky to find, only because it’s more of a shopping district than anything else, but we did eventually find a cool little bar and restaurant on the high street where we were able to sit down for a while.


Balans Soho Society was quite the perfect spot. We also got there at quite the right time too, as it was just before it started to get busy.

Saying that I’m a fan of juices and smoothies is quite an understatement, so when I saw that they did berry smoothies on the menu you could guess what my option of drink would be. Adam, decided to go for a cocktail instead – Slap on the Rum – which was very refreshing. I only wish they did Happy Hour, because their £9.5 cocktails were far too expensive.

Boy, was that berry smoothie good! Definitely recommend.


Having quenched our thirst, we decided to have some nibbles or something small to whet our appetite. So we ordered the Isle of Wight Tomatoes which was like a Mexican tostada and for £8, this was actually worth the price. It was so yummy, we sure devoured it in seconds.

Since we were quite west, we decided to stay west for dinner. And because we couldn’t really find anywhere nearby that was good enough (we are very picky as well as indecisive people) we decided to go to Westfield White City, as we were bound to find somewhere nice there due to the many restaurants outside the mall.

You can catch a bus to head here, either the C1 or 49, or you can walk there! We obviously walked there again. So by heading towards this famous mall, you can take your pick of restaurant, or maybe indulge in a bit of shopping (stores close at 10pm) or end your evening with a movie. The choice is yours!

We decided to end our evening by having dinner at The Real Greek, and it did not disappoint. I don’t think I’ve ever had Greek food before, and if this is what real Greek food is like, then I sure have been missing out. It was so delicious and really good portions as well. Will definitely come here again.

What places do you recommend us on seeing next?


15 thoughts on “Come Date With Me #1| Little Venice + High Street Kensington

  1. This sounds like such a fun time! In college, I studied abroad and we spent two weeks in London–I’ve been dying to go back. Thank you for sharing all your photos and these tips…I can’t wait to see more travel posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely recommend Little Venice! You’ll love it, I’m sure. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to Primrose Hill!! Shocking, I know. I think that’s on the list for next time, now that the weather is a lot nicer.


  2. Sounds like you had a lovely day! Would love to visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum one day – that seems so cool – I love the programme, haha. I haven’t been to quite a few of these places, these sound like great places to visit if I’m out and about in London area with my boyfriend at some point!


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