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30 Things To Do In Australia | WHV

I came to Australia at such a weird time due to the ongoing pandemic, I don’t regret my decision though and have actually been able to do a lot things. Fortunately, the situation in Australia in regard to handling the spread of the virus seems a lot better than the UK. I’ve finished my farm… Continue reading 30 Things To Do In Australia | WHV

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3 Easy Kitchen Swaps

Going completely plastic plastic-free is still a hard prospect, as so many products still come in plastic. Even though a lot of brands are changing and taking control of their waste impact, it’s still a slow movement especially for plastic-free kitchen items. According to the National Geographic – plastic takes more than 400 years to… Continue reading 3 Easy Kitchen Swaps

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10 Simple Steps to a Sustainable Christmas

Christmas is and should be about spending time with our loved ones, spreading kindness and celebrating the holidays. However, it is now become more of a consumer aimed season where we spend excessive amounts and pay no mind to the effects this has on the environment. We produce a huge amount of waste, whether it… Continue reading 10 Simple Steps to a Sustainable Christmas